Experts offering inside sales, lead & demand generation to increase B2B sales & leads.


B2B software sales specialists with strong track record in SaaS platforms & Technology Solutions.


Wide geographical coverage leveraging an inside sales model reaching customers across Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia.


B2B sales outsourcing agency that supports the entire sales process from demand generation to deal closure.


Full digital marketing support for sales enablement including B2B social selling strategy, Google Ads & Social Media Marketing.

This is what YOU spend YOUR TIME and MONEY on today

Here’s what you might be spending your time on when you have your own sales staff, and these are likely to be the additional costs incurred to manage in-house sales staff.

Recruitment & Selection

- Recruitment Consultants
- Job Advertisements
- Signing-on Bonuses

Orientation & Training

- Paid Seminars
- Certifications
- Secondment Costs

Career Planning & HRM

- Bonuses
- Commissions
- Annual Leaves & Tickets

Managing employee turnover

- Turnover Costs
- Retraining Costs
- Gratuity Payments

Let us help you spend your time and money more effectively!

WHY velocity mena


B2B Sales specialists who go through extensive sales training with expertise in engaging with C Suite prospects across multiple industries.


Focused and specialised in selling technology & SaaS solutions across emerging markets handling only B2B products & services.


Consultative sales approach grounded in active listening over pitching with a needs first mentality & results driven culture.

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How We Deliver Results


We have invested heavily in our staff ensuring they are experts in Business to Business Sales


Results are born out of activity, we work to Strict KPIs to ensure delivery on your mandate


We provide comprehensive reports providing full transparency & accountability


We deliver High-Velocity Sales!

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What does that mean for you?

• Access to best in class talent
• No more management headaches
• No more hiring risks & costs
• No more sales staff overheads

You provide the products and services, we deliver results!

What services do we offer?

B2B Marketing & Lead Generation

Mapping Target Sales Prospects & Customer accounts for your solutions and approaching them through Direct B2B Marketing to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

Prospecting & Inside Sales

Velocity MENA Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) assigned to engage with MQLs via phone, online meetings and digital outreach to convert to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) based on your qualification criteria.

complete Sales Support

Velocity MENA Sales Development representatives (SDRs) assigned to handle full sales life cycle from Prospecting to generate (MQLs) & (SQLs) , to engaging with SQLs in order to convert to closed deals.

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Outsourcing provides an attractive option to save time and cost however it is challenging to find a outsourcing company which specialises in sales as a discipline, understands this region and gives you access to the kind of team you would actually want to hire.

Feraz Hussain

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