Challenges We All Face

Having spent my entire career in business to business sales I know first hand how critical it is to hire the right sales people and how challenging it can be to do so.  

Often you have to settle or go through the hiring and training cycle over and over until you get it right.

Outsourcing provides an attractive option to save time and cost however it is challenging to find a outsourcing company which specialises in sales as a discipline, understands this region and gives you access to the kind of team you would actually want to hire..
                                                                                     Feraz Hussain, Founder

Why We Are Here

This is why Velocity was created – To give businesses access to a team of professionally trained sales people, locally based, with regional expertise, all of whom you would be happy to hire yourself if they had the time and resources to do so.


Feraz Hussain

Founder & Managing Director

Sales is in my DNA; it’s what I do. 

Over a decade years of sales experience with
over 10 years in the Middle East

I have a background in commercial recruitment,
so I know how to identify the right talent and nurture them. 

I have consistently been amongst the top
performers company-wide throughout my career and have hired, trained and
motivated high performance sales teams for start-ups and multinationals.

Sayeed Turon

Partner & General Manager

I have 12 years experience in professional development, coaching, management, developing and delivering training in a wide range of areas.

I'm experienced in working with top 50 UK universities and leading event management companies in the UK in training and business development roles.

I have expertise in human resources, staff development and will ensure we have best in class sales people ready to represent your company in the market.



Marketing Director

Feraz Hussain

Founder & Managing Director

Andrea bolanos

sales manager

sayeed turon

Executive Director

Our Office

Being centrally located in Dubai with a wide geographical coverage leveraging an inside sales model, our team can reach out to customers all across Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia.


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