Does this ring a bell?

Recruiting sales staff takes a great deal of time, money and effort!

Even with all this investment, does this guarantee you will end up with top talent?

Can you afford to not get this right, the first time?

This is what YOU spend YOUR TIME and MONEY on today

Here’s what you might be spending your time on when you have your own sales staff, and these are likely to be the additional costs incurred to manage in-house sales staff.

Recruitment & Selection

- Recruitment Consultants
- Job Advertisements
- Signing-on Bonuses

Orientation & Training

- Paid Seminars
- Certifications
- Secondment Costs

Career Planning & HRM

- Bonuses
- Commissions
- Annual Leaves & Tickets

Managing employee turnover

- Turnover Costs
- Retraining Costs
- Gratuity Payments

Let us help you spend your time and money more effectively!

So, what’s our solution?


We have identified top talent


We are providing focused training to our talent


We are narrowing down the top performers


We enable high-velocity sales

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What does that mean for you?

- Access to best in class talent
- No more management headaches
- No more hiring risks & costs
- No more sales staff overheads

You provide the products and services, we deliver results!

What services do we offer?

Qualified Sales Opportunities

We can directly generate demand for your
products & services giving your
team access to high quality Sales Opportunities

Sales Pipeline Conversion

We can help you convert your sales pipeline and ensure your team are engaging with customers, who are ready to buy

Maximize Your Potential

We can support you wherever you need it most to ensure you achieve your maximum sales potential

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